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Emmeline in Cambodia
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About the blog…

Path on Purpose is all about helping heart-centered humans to travel and live with intention.

If I’ve learned anything from my travels, it’s this:

Truly resonant travel experiences have a lot more to do with WHY we travel and HOW we travel than anything else. Hint hint: this applies to all things in life.

That’s why this blog is dedicated to helping you own the way that you show up in the world.

What does that look like?

A collection of stories, resources, and tools that explore topics like integrity, responsible travel, mindfulness, conscious consumerism, and connection – all created to encourage you in your journey of personal development.

You’ll vibe with the content here if you can identify with *any* of the following statements:

  • You’re keen to explore beyond the bucket-list.
  • You’d like to affect the change you want to see in the world.
  • You’re drawn to responsible travel, even if navigating it sometimes leaves you feeling overwhelmed.
  • You enjoy (or can at least put up with) the odd Harry Potter or Gilmore Girl’s reference. I won’t expect you to enjoy the musical theatre references – but if you do, you really are my people.

If any of this sounds familiar, then this slice of the internet was made specifically for you.

Great news – you can start your intentional travel journey now!

The thing is, you can raise the vibration of your travels by raising the vibration of your life. And the same thing is true in reverse!

This means that no matter where you are in your travel process – dreaming, exploring, or recovering from jetlag – you can begin exactly where you are.

You can always reach out to me with any feedback about how I can best support you along the way.

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About Em…

In the context of this blog, I’m a travel enthusiast who encourages curious people to live expansive lives.

Less on the nose – I’m an intelligent thirty-something, a wife, a graduate student, a Kansas native, a musical theatre professional, an expat, an introvert, and a dog mom.

I have had the privilege of traveling for work, traveling for pleasure, solo traveling, taking trips with family and friends, backpacking, meeting up with friends around the world, attending overseas retreats, expanding my education in multiple countries, and working in the travel industry. It has been a magical ride.

As I’ve journeyed through 45 states in the US and 21 countries, I’ve seen the good, and I’ve seen the very very bad. But each look has proven to me over and over again that travel is well worth our efforts.


Just like my first love, the theatre: travel brings our shared experience of humanity into a sharper focus. No matter how inspiring or challenging each experience is, it always encourages my personal growth and deep gratitude.

I am honored to do this work as a token of that gratitude. I’m equally honored to be doing it alongside you.

Cheers! Emmeline's Signature

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