Integrity Statement

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Own Your Way is growing an empowered community that will change the travel world by putting purpose before profit, approaching travel as a teacher, and elevating our shared experience of humanity through traveling – and living – with intention.


This is an intentional travel and lifestyle blog, encouraging heart-centered humans to identify their values and align their experiences in the world with those values. 

In that vein, I offer content that covers a wide range of travel styles and topics that are rooted in integrity.

Some of these include ethical travel, sustainable travel, eco-tourism, community-based tourism, responsible voluntourism, impact travel, transformational travel, conscious consumerism, minimalism, mindfulness, and social enterprise.

While I do my best to vet everything I publish through the lens of integrity, I am not a professional in measuring social impact and will therefore sometimes miss the mark.

I apologize in advance for when that happens, but as I will always say to intentional travelers: it is your responsibility to look into the ethics of anything you choose to book and make sure it is in alignment with your values.

I do accept feedback. If you find that something I have recommended was misrepresented, please let me know.

I am especially fired up about prohibiting anything that supports human trafficking in any way from ending up on my site. Please accept my deepest gratitude for any feedback you can provide that will help me accomplish this goal.


In order to avoid contributing to the unfortunate trend of greenwashing, it is important to me that I am clear about the content that is offered on this blog.

While there is a fair bit of sustainable travel content featured on Own Your Way, this is not specifically a sustainable travel blog. I don’t, therefore, vouch for the sustainable practices of everything published on the blog.

Please do your own research before booking anything you see on the internet. Always.


This blog is currently a solo operation and a labor of love, written from the perspective of a heart-centered white person with a valid but specific and limited point of view.

I don’t want to speak out of turn or imply my voice is different than it is by authoring content that isn’t an expression of who I am. 

This approach is the best way I know to communicate with integrity, but it does leave my blog content highly centered on a white, able-bodied, heterosexual female’s experience of the world.

I realize this perspective may not resonate with everyone. Even so, it is my intention to create a space where you feel welcome, whoever you are, if you’d like to be here. 

I also invite you to provide feedback and contribute to conversations on the blog. As you participate, keep in mind that I do not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, religious discrimination, or any other harmful types of cyber bullying on my site or its related assets. Please flag with me if you read anything that is in violation of this policy.

As this blog and my network expands, it is also my intention to bring diverse voices to the published content of Own Your Way. 

Experiencing a diverse spectrum of humanity is literally the reason I travel. A blog inspired by the transformative nature of travel can only be best represented by a range of voices.

Until I am able to achieve that goal, know that it is on my radar and in the works.

If you are reading this policy and feel represented by my appearance and experience of the world, I would love to take this opportunity to encourage you to actively seek out diverse voices in the travel space. 

As we build this community of heart-centered, intentional travelers, it is essential that we do so with as much context of the world around us as possible. 

While I love sharing my blog with you, please don’t let the feedback loop of our shared experience be where your exposure to travel content ends. Travel the world through the voices of other travelers, especially if their voices are unlike yours.


If you have any questions about my integrity statement, values, mission, vision, or practices, feel free to send them my way.

Cheers! Emmeline's Signature

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